Green Award for Dubai Municipality

Dubai Municipality has won the Global Green Award in recognition of its efforts in order to achieve overall sustainable development in Dubai during the past five years.

Engineer Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality, Eng. Salim bin nail and Salah Amiri,along with the Assistant Director General and Engineer Mohamed Nouri, Director of the partnership,and Ismail Al Banna, Director of Corporate Marketing and Relations have received the award.

The Criteria that led to this award are:

-Implementation of the Green Building Regulations in the City Of Dubai and gradually to changing the old systems to energy saving systems.
-Formation of a special committee for sustainability which will study and execute green initiatives in its efforts towards making the city of Dubai one of the top ten sustainable cities in the world by 2020.
- Creating “Green Awards” to recognize organizations for their outstanding environmental achievements and to encourage them to integrate more and more sustainable practices.
-Developing mechanisms to evaluate green buildings and following up of procedures for implementing those mechanisms.
-Implementation of the solar powered lighting system in many projects and public facilities(Ports, Parks,..) .-Replacing the old lighting systems with the LED technology in the premises and public facilities aiming at saving around 55% of energy consumption.
-Sustainable use of natural resources and environment friendly management of wastes in the city.